Hinchinbrook Fishing 2018 Floods

Hinchinbrook Fishing in 2018. Boy did we get a big wet this year up in Hinchinbrook, which is fantastic to see, we ended up getting two floods in 2 and a half weeks which really gave the Herbert a massive flush as well as the Seymour and Channel.

Everything has settled back down now but Cyclone Iris really did play havoc on our guiding service with lots of postponed trips due to the flooding and weather conditions, but now as things have settled down we are getting back on the water again, you can see it has helped the Channel come back to life, where there seems to be jelly prawns everywhere, potty mullet jumping in the boat and just bait everywhere for our fish to fatten up.

There is also lots of new snags in the water which will be fantastic for the end of the year. Mangrove snags generally take about 6 months to die off and for bacteria and marine growth to take over the tree. When this happens the barra’s, jack’s, fingermark all move into these snags for protection and for ambushing points.

The downside of the floods is that some of your favourite haunts that have been producing lots of fish for you have been washed away and also gutters and sandbanks change the flow, so it does take a little time to relearn the new fresh system.

There have been quite a few nice jacks, barra’s and fingermark on the chew.